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Endurance Sports: Questions Answered and Tips Revealed

Often times, the biggest block that people have about trying a triathlon is the number of questions and amount of uncertainty that comes with getting into the sport.  With that in mind, we wanted to put together a list of answers to those nagging questions and unforeseen obstacles you will inevitably come across. You don’t […]

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Cocktail Catchup with – 8/23/13

Monday, August 19: Featured Article One for the Road: Louisville Traveling the Kentucky Bourbon Trail? We got a pair of local spirits experts to tell us their favorite bars in Louisville. Tuesday, August 20: Video How to Cocktail: Soda Jerk All-star San Francisco bartender Kevin Diedrich demonstrates how to make this cream soda, tequila and […]

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A Beer Alternative: The Snakebite

Hangovers are, unfortunately, a part of life. They become worse with age.  Most will agree that drinking beer is one way to ensure much less of a hangover than if you were drinking liquor. A big problem some folks run into is that they don’t like beer. YES. Some people actually do not enjoy the […]

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The Key To Understanding Stock Splits

Over the past few years the stock market has performed surprisingly well.  While global economic growth remains slow corporations have effectively cut expenses enabling them to earn strong profits. And as we know as earnings go so do stock prices!  As a result many of the best performing companies during this time have set multi-year […]

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Don’t Stop The Music

Lately there has been a lot of light shed on the low royalty rates being earned by artists for thousands and thousands of plays on sites like Spotify or YouTube.  This is true–and it’s really sad.  I don’t want to go into the numbers, or try to make anyone feel bad for enjoying their favorite […]

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Seven Staples Every Man Should Have In His Kitchen

Let’s talk kitchen readiness. How prepared are you for a surprise visit from a family member? An impromptu guys’night? A last-minute romantic dinner for two? The following list should ensure that you end up looking like a food pro in any situation, last-minute or otherwise. 1. Eggs Perhaps the most versatile item in any kitchen. […]

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Low-Carb Mashed Potatoes

Nothing beats grandma’s home cooked mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving. Yet, how do you make a healthy version of this household favorite? Cauliflower mashed potatoes are a lighter reminder of this creamy goodness. Low in carbs and high in nutrients, this version of mashed potatoes will leave you begging for more. Ingredients 1 medium head cauliflower […]

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Start Up Of The Week: Thinglist

Gentleman, introducing Thinglist, an iPhone app that will help you remember all of the things in your personal life. Privately organize and keep track of ideas, restaurant recommendations, music and anything else on your want to-do list. Dromo’s Technology Directory, Kristen Tucker, gives us the scoop on Thinglist.  

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Summer Recipes: Slow Cooked Bison And Cilantro Salsa

Last weekend I had a hankering for a pulled bison slider with shredded horseradish Jack cheese. So, I decided to cook some bison. Because I wanted the meat to shred apart with a fork, I slow roasted it. Which would’ve been great, had I not been otherwise occupied at work. When I found time to check on […]

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3 Tips On Preparing Your Place For The Post Date

Gentlemen, it’s reached that part of the evening when you and your date are playing the unspoken, but very real game, End of The Night Chicken. Up until this point you were at the top of your game: You sprung for the obscenely romantic restaurant, impressed her with that mostly true account of your near […]

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