d3b6ecc4e0face6eec93013951064bf4For menswear traditionalists, patience is required when watching notable American award ceremonies such as the recent Academy Awards or, for the sports lovers, the ESPYS.  Emotions can be difficult to suppress for these gentlemen and vitriolic criticism is expected as they watch the world’s leading men in the performing arts dress like they did not employ a stylist.  To these stuffed shirts, a tuxedo is the only ensemble that a prominent man should wear to such a special event.

This thesis is challenging to refute.  These award productions are steeped in tradition and a tuxedo respects those artists who have won the award in the past and you, the viewer.  However, Dromo men should experiment with their clothing choices and the Academy Awards – yes, the ESPYS too – is a unique opportunity to learn how to reinterpret a time-honored outfit like the tuxedo.

The cream, not white, dinner jacket was worn by Oscar award winners Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto and it looked refreshingly stylish and modern.  In the past, this coat would only be worn during the summer months.  As the warmer weather, and wedding season, approaches, consider giving the cream tuxedo jacket a try.

An admonition: you are not Lebron James. Subtly matters when you start to change what you wear.

Message @ilovejazz for individualized recommendations.

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