nicoleHost of Dromo TV

Nicole Hart

Nicole K. Hart is a young professional living in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she was born and raised.  Nicole attended Saint Mary’s College of California where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Women’s Studies in May of 2008.  Upon graduation from Saint Mary’s College of California, Nicole began to work in the beverage industry.

Nicole has worked with several well respected companies such as Legacy Marketing, Heineken and currently she is the Northern California Brand Ambassador for Ketel One.

In addition to developing her career, Nicole has also spent time strengthening her bond with the local community.  For three years,  Nicole was the head coach of her alma mater, Aragon High School spirit squad, and she insists it was the most rewarding experience of her life thus far.

Nicole was also a member of  San Francisco 49ers GoldRush from 2010-2011  and served on GoldRush’s philanthropy committee.

Currently Nicole serves as a board member for Alter Ego (a DC Extreme Dance Company that hosts dance and self esteem camps around the country for young girls).   Nicole is also a member of the United States Bartender Guild (San Francisco Chapter), ALPFA (Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting) and LAM (a community of Latino Professionals).

Nicole is thrilled to be working with Dromo and show the world the amazing people and places that San Francisco, her home town has to offer.


photo-47West Coast Editor In Chief

Lana Conroy

Lana is a Marketing and Communications professional with a flair for fashion. Her reputation as an amateur stylist started when she became the go-to fashion guru for her younger brother and his style conscious friends. Through her guidance, she helped the guys evolve from the basics of t-shirts and cargo shorts to an enviable level of sophistication that includes the pocket squares and cufflinks they wear today.

Originally from Tucson, Ariz., Lana graduated from the University of Arizona with a BA in Communications and headed off to San Diego to build her career in Marketing. A little over two years ago, Lana headed north on the PCH and now resides in San Francisco. As the West Coast Editor in Chief at DROMO, she brings a passion for marketing and making the gentleman look good.

When she’s not busy editing and publishing for DROMO, Lana likes to spend her time trail running and cycling the hills of Marin and most recently, she started competing in triathlons. Additionally, Lana has continued to dedicate her time and energy to the American Lung Association in honor of her ‘Gramps and Grams’, Eddy and Barbara.

Lana can also be captured traveling or enjoying cocktails with a heavy leaning toward both, especially if it involves a costume.



Isa Adney

Word of the Week

Isa Adney

Isa Adney is a full-time author, speaker, and consultant based in Orlando, FL. She is a half Latina, half country girl, and is happiest when she’s wearing her hipster glasses and reading a new book on her porch.

Adney has B.A in Communications and an M.Ed in Human Resources Development. She is an expert in learning and networking, and her work has been featured on national TV and radio. She also hosts a television show on TCC222.

Isa contributes our word of the week so you can be a gentleman….and a scholar.

When Isa isn’t working or writing her blog for college students,  you can find her at Disney or trying to beat her husband in Wii Tennis.

You can connect with her on Twitter.


Ryan ScottGourmet Living

Ryan Scott

Scott has cooked and learned in the kitchens of many of the country’s best chefs. He was a line cook at Restaurant Gary Danko, and staged with Daniel Boulud at Daniel in New York, Charlie Trotter at Trotter’s in Chicago, and Suzanne Goin at Luques and A.O.C. in Los Angeles.

In late 2007 Scott was cast as one of 16 contestants on Bravo television’s national, top-rated reality cooking show, “Top Chef.” Shot in Chicago and judged by some of the country’s most famous chefs, the show was an exhilarating, highly educational and singular experience for Scott and his fellow contestants.

Ryan works extensively with many community organizations, donating time and cuisine, such as Meals On Wheels of San Francisco, Inc., and Make-A-Wish Foundation. The American Heart Association, the Guardsman Association and Ryan Scott’s Annual Harvest of the Heart are just a few other notable contributions.

Kristen Tucker StartUp Of The Week

Kristen Tucker

Kristen Tucker is a business development professional based in San Francisco. She has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, and she recently ran BD for social TV startup Miso. In the past, Kristen has designed microprocessors for IBM and produced independent films such as HARMONY AND ME (Justin Rice, Nick Offerman, Alex Karpovsky). She has a patent for Achieving Timing Closure in a Clocked Logic Circuit, but most importantly, she believes in the power of tex-mex and sand volleyball.


Shannon WongFitness

Shannon Wong

Shannon Wong is the owner of SW Fitness- a private health & fitness facility in San Francisco’s Marina neighborhood.  Specializing in weight loss, strength training, Pilates and Corrective Exercise, Shannon is passionate about fitness and loves sharing this with her clients every day.  Shannon will be covering a wide range of fitness topics to help you achieve the results you desire.  For more information or to contact Shannon:



67418_138858442943343_1426914296_nMichael Susi

Michael Susi is from Hershey, PA and attended Bishop McDevitt High School where he played football and baseball. Michael spent 2 years at Lycoming College in Williamsport, PA where he played football and ran track.

He transferred to Lebanon Valley College in Annville, PA where he graduated with a degree in History/Secondary Education. While at LVC Michael was the 1995 NCAA Division III Interception Leader and also qualified for the MAC Indoor Track Championships in the 50m. Michael then coached college football at Lebanon Valley College, St. Lawrence University, and Bloomsburg University before deciding to change career paths.

In 1998 Michael moved to New York City and then spent the next 12 years as a Sales Assistant at an outdoor advertising agency, a sales person for an international shipping company, helped start and grow two internet startups, and was a personal trainer at New York Sports Club and Equinox.

His last two years on the east coast were spent building his own internet company,, before moving to California and becoming the Global Manager of Health and Wellness at LinkedIn in 2011. Michael believes in a holistic, realistic and practical approach to health and fitness. Awareness is the key. Where are you going, and why are you going there?


me4Amanda Meixner

Amanda Meixner is a health and fitness professional working at a start-up fitness apparel company in Santa Monica. Passionate about helping others reach their personal goals, she is always leading by example. All-state qualifier for the 1-mile and all-state qualifier for the 400m freestyle relay, she knows a thing or two about staying in shape. If you don’t find her at a local spinning class or gym treadmill, she will be probably skiing in mammoth or hiking out in Malibu.

Her creativity stems beyond the realms of the gym. She is always trying to find new ways to stay fit and have fun doing it. New crazes from trampoline fitness to pole dancing workout classes to workout video games only intrigue her curiosity. Don’t let her ambition scare you. She’s always down to mellow out at the local bar or challenge you to a game of Rock Band.

Check her out here:

Or tweet your random musings to @meowmeix


Monica KellyLegal Alley

Monica Kelly

Monica is a corporate attorney specializing in online media, product development, privacy, data security, and early venture strategic partnerships. She currently serves as Assistant General Counsel at Monster Worldwide, Inc., working with acquired portfolio websites such as,, and

Monica received both her JD and BS in Business Management from the University of San Francisco. She is admitted to the California State Bar and is a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/US).

Lawyer by trade, Monica is also a San Francisco native and avid SF Giants fan. She is passionate about entrepreneurial and early stage ventures, online media, and boat shoes (yes boat shoes). Find her here on Twitter.


Dr. Austin DavisHealthyWealthyWise

Dr. Austin Davis

Dr. Austin Davis, D.C. is a passionate and driven Chiropractor who’s has dedicated his life to providing health care and educating about wellness. His knowledge and expertise as a consultant and Chiropractor has helped people, companies, and teams around the world achieve the lifestyles and health they deserve. He is a doctor at one of the highest volume, family practices in the SF/Bay Area, and opened his 2nd office, Life Chiropractic, in Hayes Valley, SF.  For more information Dr. Austin can be reached on twitter @LifeChiroSF, on FB at /LifeChiropracticSF or through his website


Alma Guerrero WallaceCocktail Fridays

Alma Guerrero Wallace

Alma, a local Oaklander,  currently works with RAE Agency as a “Professional Partyer.” You can catch her hosting, go-go dancing, or modeling at various venues around town. Although young in age, this lady has  experienced nightlife on both sides and has a lot to say. Keep an eye out for her – she is really going places that you will want to enjoy.




John M. Bozeman Style

John Bozeman

For the past 7 years, John Bozeman has worked in occupations that necessitated a suit, tie and pocket square.  From that, he’s become fond of #menswear and wears vintage clothing on the regular.  His day job is to be an advocate for the commercial real estate industry in San Francisco and he would be honored to be a resource for your sartorial interests.






Stephanie JirochSex + Love + Relationships

Stephanie Jiroch

Stephanie Jiroch Sex coach and educator, yoga instructor, writer, and world traveler. The go-to girl for all your sex questions, she loves to talk pleasure and orgasm, dissect dating blunders and help navigate the waters of Coupledom. When it comes to sex + relationships, she’s all ears.

In 2012 she launched Flirt With Life™, a premier lifestyle coaching + retreat company providing 1:1 and group programs for women around the world.  She works to empower women to find their inner sparkle and joyous self-expression through unique coaching programs, worldwide retreats and guided self-discovery.

She currently resides in Paris, France


headshotChloe Cline

As a single, twenty-something teacher, Chloe realizes she lives in a city that desperately needs an overhaul in its education and dating systems. She continually finds herself relaying odd and entertaining stories from these areas of her life.
A first-date connoisseur, Chloe has clutch tips for gentlemen to ensure (or avoid) a second date. In a relationship? Then, listen up, because you probably need her advice even more. (Yes, you can do much better than that Keurig for Christmas.)
Chloe graduated with degrees in Origami and Martini Making from a university that would rather not be named. She is currently teaching in Chicago. Which is why she has an affinity for tequila.




Mike StockFinance

Michael Stock

Mr. Stock is a portfolio manager at Boltwood Capital Management an independent advisory firm located San Francisco.  At Boltwood he is responsible for overseeing equity strategy and portfolio management for high-net worth families.  Specifically, Mr. Stock heads up equity research & trading in addition to being a voting member of the firm’s investment committee.

He received a B.A. in International Relations and earned an M.B.A. in finance from the University of California at Davis.  Prior to joining Boltwood Capital Management, he worked in the property & casualty insurance industry assessing policy risk as well as portfolio wide catastrophe exposure.

Michael is working toward his Chartered Financial Analyst designation and is a Level III candidate.



Taylor HeadshotWine and Spirits

Taylor Patterson

Taylor spends more time drinking than the average person.  Her affinity for wine and spirits began during an educational (but hazy) semester abroad in Spain as an undergrad at the University of Wisconsin and has evolved into a full-fledged love-affair with (almost) all things that come in a bottle.  When she’s not thinking of ways to help DROMO readers ‘drink smarter,’ Taylor spends her time wine and whisky tasting throughout every corner of California, studying for the next level of her sommelier exam and taking viticulture and enology courses at UC Davis.


Keesa OcampoEtiquette 101

Keesa Ocampo

Keesa Ocampo has dedicated her life to broadcast media, philanthropy, and public service. She is currently the Corporate Affairs officer for the international media conglomerate, ABS-CBN International. Her work in the industry has been recognized and awarded by The CableFAXIES Awards, The Telly Awards, and PromaxBDA.
Her community involvement and advocacy began as an active stakeholder in Bay Area nonprofits and Asian American organizations. In 2009, a string of natural disasters around the globe catapulted her into fundraising and serving the international community through “guerilla philanthropy.”
In 2010, she was honored for her humanitarian work with a Presidential Citation from Her Excellency Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, former president of the Republic of the Philippines. In 2011, she received the Policymaker & Visionary Award and was honored as one of the 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the United States.

Alex TeplitxkyTravel

Alex Teplitxky

Alex is an entrepreneur and adventure seeker. Originally from Paris, France and based out of San Francisco, he travels the globe looking for ways to feed his passion for discovery while documenting natural scenery and local cultures. He has visited over 40 countries and 300 cities to date with the lifetime goal of documenting every nation in the world.

Through today’s technologies and telecommuting options, Alex believes everyone can increase their exposure to foreign cultures and improve their outlook on life. For more information, he can be reached on Twitter @ActivityLounge on FB at /AlexT or through his website


Zach AustinZach Austin

Zach Austin is a technology sales professional based in New York City, but who more often than not can be found on an airplane. A proud graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Zach has ties to the rough-and-tumble worlds of startups and politics in the Bay Area.
Known equally for his interests in men’s style and the intricacies of frequent flyer programs, Zach will spill digital ink on both topics in a practical easy-to-use format for the on-the-go modern gent.

Born and raised in San Francisco, Zach is an SF sports obsessive whose heart still lies in the City by the Bay.


Dan ArroyoGolf

Dan Arroyo

Dan’s passion for the game of golf, the people who play it and the destinations it can take you has made him friends from all over the world.  From China to San Francisco, Dan holds multiple course records but is prouder of the fact he’s introduced many friends and colleagues to learn and enjoy the game of golf.

His involvement with Cal Golf and other non profit golf foundations continues to support and introduce others to the game. Whether you are a rookie hack or seasoned veteran, a round of golf with Dan will surely be informational and entertaining!



CarlsbadEndurance Sports

Brian Wrona

Brian currently lives in San Diego and splits his time between his career as a recruiter for a software company and his side gig as the Vice President of the Triathlon Club of San Diego. After graduating from the University of California Davis with a degree in Communication, he moved back down to San Diego in 2005. After a few years of soul-searching (partying), he decided to get both his professional and physical life together.

Endurance sports were never something that came natural to Brian, indicating that typically items like running or swimming were more often times punishments than they were activities he looked forward to. Since his first half marathon in 2006 and first triathlon in 2008, Brian has immersed himself in the endurance sports lifestyle.  Since he started racing, Brian has completed 3 marathons, 2 Ironmans, and a whole slew of half ironmans, sprint triathlons, 5k’s, 10k’s, etc… and is hoping to complete his first Ultra Marathon soon. He has also dedicated a significant amount of his time with the Triathlon Club of San Diego to helping get beginners started in the sport.

Brian’s goal for his readers is to encourage them to try an endurance race, and help them with tips, tricks and advice to make sure that they attack it in a way that keeps them happy, healthy and excited.


blake surfing2Surfing

Blake Jamieson

Blake is a surfer, lacrosse player, and veteran social media strategist. He began surfing his junior year of high school (2002) and was hooked immediately. After studying Economics at UC Davis (too far from the beach for his taste), he moved to Santa Monica where he began surfing regularly again.

When not in the water, Blake is likely on Facebook – helping a variety of brands develop engaging communities and drive direct sales. One of Blake’s clients, PoolSupplyWorld, was named one of the Top 10 Small Business Pages on Facebook 2012 (by Social Media Examiner).

Blake recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for a surfing startup called Dawn Patrol Truck. DPT combines a mobile surf shop with the food truck business model. Blake and his business partner are well on their way to exceed their funding goal.


Economics & Finance


Brian Park

Born and bred in San Francisco, Brian is a proud SF native that can be spotted rocking his orange and black on the streets of Amsterdam where he currently serves as legal counsel for Royal Philips in its HQ in the corporate and financial law group. He specializes in projects and topics that particularly deal with the intersection of the financial and legal disciplines from M&A, venture capital, joint ventures, to public-private partnerships.

Prior to joining Royal Philips in his current capacity, he packed his bags to pursue a master’s in finance and law in the Netherlands following the completion of his B.A. in economics at Occidental College in the spring of 2012.

In his spare time, Brian enjoys kicking back with his friends and family and exploring new concepts and ideas in restaurants, music, cities, and reading material to name a few.

Find Brian here on LinkedIn.

Midwest Editor In Chief

LandisWiednerHS-1Landis Wiedner

Landis is an educator and writer, and thus by default, a grammar enthusiast. Her five years teaching high school English in Chicago have only furthered her passion for proper usage of conjunctions, prepositions, and commas. Landis earned her B.A. in English, her M.A. in Secondary Education, and takes writing courses at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

When she’s not working with the dynamic team at Dromo, Landis is a freelance writer and social media manager. As Dromo’s Midwest Editor-in-Chief, Landis hopes to showcase how humor integration and, of course, stellar grammar will make it easier for men to: 1. find a great girl; 2. dress even better; and 3. pick the perfect seasonal beer. Just to name a few.

Additionally, Landis enjoys cliché Chicago activities such as running along the lakefront, going to North Ave Beach, and awaiting DRose’s return.



RoseMTurnerHSRose M. Turner

After graduating from Dominican University with a B.A. in Fashion Design and Merchandising, Rose moved to Chicago. Since then, she attends fashion events regularly, including Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and NOLCHA in New York and various trade shows in Europe as a member of the press. In the past she served as a spokes-model and journalist for various publications including: Bleech MagazineWe Know TVExodos Magazine, and more.

In her spare time, Rose frequents museums and coffee shops, collects foreign fashion magazines, styles editorial shoots, and designs custom swimwear. Rose’s line, Rosina~Mae line is very wearable and “takes you from the beach, to the street, to the party!” She begins each collection with a story, merging her passions of writing and fashion. Her collection has been shown in Chicago Fashion Focus’ Vert Couture, an AIDS Benefit Show at Webster University in Geneva, Switzerland, and various other shows.




SethUngerHS-1Seth Unger

By day, Seth Unger is a design strategist and brand consultant, using large, colorful Post-It notes to help businesses brainstorm how they might use design to transform their organizations. By night/weekend he mostly cares about food – specifically making and/or eating it.  He does his best to eat tacos whenever possible, but he will make an exception if bacon or shellfish are involved. It is not uncommon for him to eat that weird thing, impress your mom with his manners, or throw a dinner party that will melt your face. Seth was born in Chicago and has been living in the city for the past 13 years. @sethunger



MarkRoseHSMark Rose

Mark Rose is a singer-songwriter from Chicago, co-founder of, and former front man of the band Spitalfield.

Mark attended Columbia College in Chicago, studying music composition for just two years before signing his first publishing deal and hitting the road.  He has now performed over 1,300 shows and has sold over 100,000 albums.  In 2012, he co-founded Downwrite, which is a platform enabling songwriters to connect with fans on a personal, creative level.

When off the stage and out of the studio, Mark can be found on the kickball field, watching 80s/90s sitcom re-runs, justifying late-night burritos, and freaking out over Da’ Bears, White Sox, Hawks, and Bulls.,,,


Sex + Dating + Relationships

headshotNick Moutvic

Have you ever wondered why you never got a call back after that great first date? Ever find yourself on the outs with your girlfriend with no clue as to why? Maybe even tried to figure out what you must have done wrong, to no avail? Sadly, women won’t come out and tell you any of this, which is where Nick comes in. As a frequent vacationer of the modern girls-night-out, he can give you insight into what women outright expect you to know, but just won’t say—to you.

Nick is a twenty-something Chicagoan who fancies his coffee black and his whiskey sour. Voice behind the blog Chispired, Nick is also a part-time smart aleck and avid buffalo wing connoisseur. When he isn’t editing his soon-to-be published book, you can find him working for various media firms, trying to turn a career out of making GIFs from The Lizzie McGuire Movie, and hanging out with Twitter.



charliejacobsonHSCharlie Jacobson

Charlie is a married father of two, living in the Chicago suburbs. Three years ago he began competing in triathlons, and last year he decided to put his marriage in jeopardy when he signed up for Ironman Wisconsin (without consulting his wife who was 7 months pregnant with kid #2). He explores balancing training with a busy family life, demanding job, and making the transition from a 15-year rugby career into the world of endurance sports.


Health & WellnessRachel Lechocki

Rachel Lechocki

Rachel Lechocki, is a natural born artist and dancer, who has been founding/teaching a wide variety of fine art, dance, and yoga classes to children ages 2-18, around the Chicagoland area since 2006. Her degrees include an Associates in Fine Art and B.A. from Columbia College in Art History with a Cultural Studies minor.

Most recently, Rachel completed her national yoga teaching certification from Focus Yoga Brookfield, where she teaches children and adult classes. She also works with Nature Yoga Sanctuary in Bucktown and teaches yoga and choreographed Hip Hop Yoga for a local organization, Mindful Practices. Rachel also holds the position of Professional Development Recess Leader for a CPS school, helping the teachers produce an engaging, safe, and smooth recess program throughout their school.

Rachel is also a community activist, coordinating, participating or live painting in group art shows, where proceeds go towards significant causes, such as Hope For The Day and The Youth Peace Corner. She was named a Catalysts of Change by the nonprofit 3c Wear.

Healthy practices, creative constructs, and local cultural events are what keep Rachel’s heart beating, just as they do this thriving city, Chicago.

Find her art, adventures, events at:, Instagram:Raychelmoon


RelationshipsNicki Michael

Nicki Michael

Nicki has been in private practice for 20 years, specializing primarily in treating one’s relationship with self, as a result of different kinds of trauma (early to current), including mood disorders, such as learning how to prevent or address depression and anxiety and advocating and teaching the client how to create and build better boundaries for self in all primary arenas. Her primary emphasis is guiding each client to develop a healthier relationship with him or herself, fostering healthier romantic, familial, and professional relationships. Nicki’s style is interactive, giving practical feedback, so that the client can serve as the best student and advocate for him or herself.

In addition to owning her own practice, Nicki enjoys yoga, tennis, reading and spending time with her family, friends, and dog Jake. She is also passionate about traveling to new as well as familiar places around the globe.



Luke WilkeningBeer & Cocktails

Luke Wilkening

Luke is an aspiring writer, director, and film editor, born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, where he first began making short videos with his friends Dan Simon and Matt Johnson. The three of them are still working on small productions today. Sometime after that, and before he enrolled at Butler University, he discovered his love for beer.

At Butler he studied Digital Media Production along with Strategic Communications.  When he wasn’t working hard in the edit bays, he was exposed to a lot of Natural Light and Kamchatka Vodka. He soon realized there were more to good times than those two novelties, so he started buying different types of beer. When Luke is not attempting to write, he is oftentimes discovering new beers, and several nights those two hobbies turn into one compound activity.

Luke is currently working at New Chapter Entertainment as well as trying to make more putts on the golf course.  His favorite website is Pitchfork and his favorite Dromo writer is Chloe Cline–“What up Girl!”

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